Yeah, it's Friday!! (11th July 2008)

Fridays, always the busiest day of my work week with meetings and reports to produce by the end of the business day BUT because it's also Friday, the office is usually more casual, relaxed and occasionally, crazy. Jokes, funny video clips or out-of-this-world discussions among the team would flood our mailboxes, causing individuals to choke in tears and laughter at their own computer screen (me included). One such video, aired on Australian TV show, The Pitch, showcased 2 advertising agencies challenged to sell the impossible (in this case, invading NZ...): What a cracker!

Usually from about lunchtime, the office 'slows down' and staff start to 'disappear'. Ahem, where are you boys going? Hehehe...Long lunches, extended coffee breaks and 3pm 'meetings' aka 'let's head to the bar to drink' are pretty normal. I'm not saying we are a slack bunch - we work hard and when it's time to play, we play hard too :)

2 weeks back, I was given an award for a good job done for part of a super-urgent project and as a result, the whole department got shouted morning tea and I had $150 worth of shopping vouchers. Honestly, I wasn't expecting this at all. Hmm, why do I think Nicky (my team lead) had something to do with this...Thanks, Nicky! And thank you to everyone for their efforts too - without everyone working together, we wouldn't meet our deadline. Hooray for everyone!

The core project team was shouted lunch by the company today at Monsoon Poon on Blair Street, a restaurant I've always wanted to check out but never been in. Very unique setting of a mix of Asian interior and decorations. And they even do tiffin lunch office delivery! Yes, in those 3-tier stainless steel tiffin carriers!! How COOL is that! The food was great but comes in huge servings - I had to pack half of my beef rendang home, in a cute little Chinese takeaway box. Just look:

Drinks today was back at The Malthouse and this time, I tried the Tuatara Hefe beer, a type of wheat beer. The idea of it sounded odd but it tasted fantastic - sweet and smooth. A must-try if you haven't!
Rushed home quickly to avoid the pouring rain (supposed to be another wet and windy night tonight) and a quick meal, shower and change of clothes later, I met up with Matt at Downstage Theatre on Cambridge Terrace for a drink prior to the show, Elemental by Strike. It was great to catch up with Matt again and he looked much better than the last time I saw him - no more sling and recovering well :)

Strike is a New Zealand percussion group that combines elements such as fire and water, infused with pacific and contemporary musical influences in a high-energy, theatre-based show. Cost us $39 each for a stall seat (downstairs) and we had one of the best views in the theatre - right in the middle! I thought the price was right for a NZ production - I had previously seen STOMP in New York and looking at the adverts for this show, it seemed to be somewhat similar but with more emphasis on percussion rather than making music from all sorts of stuff. And true enough, lots and lots of drumming. I wonder how the 4 guys performing could last 1.5 hours non-stop in their show. Sweat streaming and soaking them through!! Oh, and did I mention they all had super nice arms, those that are perfectly sculpted? Oh yeah, has to be all that drumming...:P

Some parts of the show I really liked was when they used what looked like a clear tube fire gun, making bursts of fire and noise which sounded somewhat like farting noises (hey, it DID sound like that!), the part where 2 of the guys blew threw a tube into a bowl of water competing against each other who lasted the longest (I could never do that without stopping to breathe every 5 seconds), and those psychedelic, out-of-tune like sounds made from striking large gongs and dunking them in water partway. I would recommend you check the show out - what better way to support our Kiwi own :)

Dropped Matt home after the show and had an early night myself. Hopefully with rest, this cold of mine would go away soon. Thanks for the company Matt and we'll have to catch up soon!


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