Last 2 festival films! (27th July 2008)

F^%K!!!! The weather is so wet and cold today!! I SO wish I was in some place much warmer :(

Went out to Penthouse Cinema & Cafe to see another Wellington Film Festival movie this afternoon titled CJ7. Given the shitty weather, it really did annoy me when I had to park 3 blocks away from the cinema. I guess that's the problem with this cinema - it's located in the suburbs and with the film festival going on, their carpark just couldn't cater for the number of patrons to the screenings. On the upside, the seats were really nice - huge, comfy chairs. Oh well, just have to run for it!

CJ7 is an interesting film directed (and also acted) by Stephen Chow - a combination of animation, sci-fi and a bunch of kids who acted really well. Fans of his movie will see the type of humour he brings into his movies, occasionally sick (you get a nice view from a very high-rise building, squashing cockroaches with bare hands and getting poo-ed at) but generally a movie with a happy ending. Had a few good laughs and some tears. Worth me getting rained on to see the film :)

Back home for a hot drink to warm up and another movie this evening!

Around 6pm, I headed off to Te Papa to the Soundings Theatre to see the last of the festival films I wanted to see, Brazilian film, Mutum. Honestly, I'm a loss for words what to say about this film. It depicted the life of a country boy living in a growned up world, often pushed around by adults resulting in a much confused life. I don't know - it was to some extent disturbing to see a child live such a life but endearing at the same time, the sort of love and bond between family members. Hmm...The film was followed by a short Peruvian film titled Shikashika and that was quite amazing - how an ice block used for making ice shaving sweet treats in town came from the snowy mountains with much effort (the blocks were dug out of the snow and the carried down by horses and donkeys). Wow!

Well, that's it for me for the film festival - can't wait for the next one next year!


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