Kalwant birthday bash (12th July 2008)

Swimming when you have a cold is NOT a good idea - I had to stop so often and was huffing and puffing at each length! Obviously caught the attention of one of the swim intructors who teased me that he would report to Lesleigh (my swim instructor) that I've been taking too long breaks. What the?? I'm sick!

Gee, when will this rubbish weather end? Poured heavily in the afternoon so spent the rest of my day at home, which includes baking a banana-chocolate cake from baking leftovers:

Hmm, melting chocolate...too devillish for the cold weather...:P

It was Kalwant's birthday today and around 5.30pm, I went to pick up the birthday girl plus Sharon (Hey, welcome back! FYI: Sharon had been away travelling South America the past 6 weeks) and Kalwant's cousin sister, Sunita, who recently moved to NZ from USA, and we all headed to Wagamama at Queens Wharf for dinner. De-ja-vu - was just here on Monday with Ken! Wagamama is the new 'it' dining place in town. Recently opened, it's a really busy place but oddly enough, you cannot pre-book your tables. There were 16 of us at Kalwant's dinner and we had to squeeze into 3 tables. A nice, open-plan restaurant that serves American-sized Japanese meals (yep, I mean HUGE serving). Good food in general and if you like the Asian food court type of ambience (mixed noise ranging from humans talking to pot clanking), this is the place to be. You need to try their wasabi chocolate cake - a real kick! Photos taken here:

Girls Karen, Sharon and Kalwant

Me and birthday gal, Kalwant

It was also our friend, Stacey's birthday and she was there with another group of friends - what fun it was when we sang the birthday song across the tables to her!

Oh, and did I mention, Rachel is no longer a red-head but a blonde???? Hmm, do blondes REALLY have more fun? We'll have to see...

After dinner, all 16 of us headed down to Courtenay Place to check out this new hip bar opened on Blair St on Thursday called The Temperance. Apparently the largest bar in New Zealand with 4 separate bars and nightclubs to cater for different crowds. We hung around The Atrium for drinks and a bit of boogie as some of us couldn't get into Madame Jojo's nightclub because we were deemed 'inappropriately' dressed. Right...oh well, nevermind...so long as we can dance and drink, that's all good! Photos taken at The Temperance:

Sharon, Selina, Kalwant, James and Tim

Cousin sisters, Sunita and Kalwant

Dong! 12 midnight and time to go home. Have to up early tomorrow for a walk with Claus and I've got no idea where we will be going! Eeks, hopefully not a tough walk :)


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