Hew's & Jonathan's engagement party (5th July 2008)

I was invited to Hew's and Jonathan's engagement party this evening out in Upper Hutt and boy was it difficult to find the place despite having a map in hand! This is the problem when one lives in Wellington inner city and rarely venture out to the suburbs. Spent about 45 minutes lost in the suburbs in Upper Hutt - the night was getting dark and it was pouring. Good thing I drove there so it wasn't much of an issue though getting lost wasn't fun at all - all the streets looked the same to me!

The party was one celebration long overdue and was held in the home of one of their fellow church friends. Simple and low-key, it was a gathering of their loved ones and friends to celebrate their union. Aww, so sweet!

Guests brought a plate each and I tested a new reciped today, a golden kiwifruit upside down cake, to bring along. Tried a small portion myself at home and it wasn't too bad, just a little sweet for my liking. Would go well with coffee or tea :)

I didn't stay very long but enough to get to know a few new faces, including Jonathan's mum - a bubbly lady with lots of stories to tell of her time in Asia :)

Oh, and I made myself a healthy cake too. Here's a photo of my oatmeal carrot-kiwifruit cake:


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