Antje's farewell at Havana (8th July 2008)

After gafieira practice, Stacey, Christian and I headed over to Havana to meet up with the rest of the salsa bunch for Antje's farewell. A year has come and gone and it was time for Antje to return home to Germany to continue her studies. Oh, it's so sad another wonderful friend is leaving us! Why is everyone leaving anyway???? This has to be like my, what, 5th or so farewell in the last 8 months??? Well, who am I to say - about a year ago, I did the same. Had my farewell with most of the same faces in Havana (and oddly enough, Havana seems to be the 'farewell drinks' place), only to find myself back again 4 months down the track. Hah! Life has its unexpected twists and turns and one never knows for sure what the future holds. Who knows? Antje will be back before we even realised she left :) Photos taken tonight:

Group photo: (back) Ramnish, Stacey, Scott, Liz, Naz, Clare, John and Ken
(front) me, Christian, Antje, Nicola and Grant

Antje, have a safe trip home and do keep in touch with us! Look forward to see you again soon!!


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