Ramnish's and Antje's housewarming (29th June 2008)

My god - the weather was really crap today. Wet, windy and so damn cold! Sitting in my living room working on my laptop made me dizzy - I could feel my apartment 'swaying' as the wind blows!! Just what I needed to get me out of the house and head to the swimming pool :)

Around 2pm, I went to pick up Christian, Willy-John and Ken from their respective homes around the city and we all headed over to Ramnish's and Antje's place in Miramar for their afternoon housewarming. They had recently moved to a cosy little townhouse in the suburb and it was still quite bare but hey, no problem - we can sit on the floor! Everyone brought a plate and as usual, we ended up with too many cakes :) That should keep Ramnish and Antje on a sugar high for the rest of the week...hehe...My cake was a recipe mum gave me which I tried for the first time - prune cake. I know guys, the idea of it suggests 'good for digestion' but I thought it was quite a nice cake, no? Perhaps have it last then :P

Ooo, if I didn't have to drive, I DEFINITELY would have drunk more of the Cuba Libre that Christian made, which was a drink made 1 part rum, 2 parts Coke and a dash of lime. It was SO GOOD - I loved it! But no, can't drink anymore. Have to drive :(

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon spent indoors (yes, out of the cold and wet weather!) with good friends chit-chatting and laughing together. And surprisingly, we didn't dance at all this time round, which was a first!


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