Potluck dinner and Bogan party (7th June 2008)

Ken had organised for a potluck dinner at his flat this evening for his friends and a few of us from the salsa bunch. Everyone brought a dish (I brought along a home-made cake, of course!) but we somehow ended up with 5 cakes :) Oh dear, some of us will be getting a sugar high tonight. It was nice to be indoors - the weather was just wet and wild outside! Good company, good variety of food and some salsa dancing on Ken's super-slippery wooden floor in the living room...hehe.... Photo of us chilling out at Ken's:

Would have loved to stick around longer but I had agreed to check out a Bogan dress-up party with Kalwant around 9pm. The term 'bogan' is an Australasian slang, usually pejorative, for a person who is, or is perceived to be, of a lower-class background. I'm not exactly sure how to dress up like one so just worn something casual; some of the guests at the party came dressed in what seemed to be a cross of a goth and punk rockstar. Hmm...

It was somewhat odd for me to be in a non-salsa/Latin event. I guess I've been out of the 'normal' social scene for several years that I felt somewhat out of place being there, as if I didn't know how to 'normally' socialise? Couldn't quite explain it - bizarre. But it was good to do something different from the norm plus allows me to meet new people :) Photos of us at the party:

Wellington sure is small - bumped into another friend of mine, Matthew, at the party. Haha, he kept assuring me that ceroc dancers aren't normally dressed up like that - turns out most of the guests at the party were ceroc dancers (so is Matt). Hey, you guys show us a dance or two!


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