Latin Dance Night @ Shooters (14th June 2008)

Tonight was another one of those dance parties organised by Salsa Therapy at Shooters Bar. Some of us regular salsa dancers were there as usual - why not? It's the only salsa event that dancers can go for no entry fee these days! Definitely works with my budget :)

Ramnish and I did a stint of gafieira to a bossa nova song but it felt somewhat odd. Odd in the sense that everyone, I mean EVERYONE, left the dance floor all of a sudden when the music played, and we somewhat struggled through the song - me, not confident enough dancing gafieira on heels and Ramnish had forgotten moves he learnt previously (he's currently taking a break from our weekly practice). Hee, embarassing! Have to pratise with heels and get the others to join us on the dancefloor!

It was quite a small crowd tonight but I had lots of fun dances, including one with Carlos (Lily's hubby), who caught me yawning on the lounge chair and walked across the dancefloor to wake me up with a dance. Haha, very funny, Carlos - it was lovely to dance with you :) Photos taken tonight:

Ken, Naz and Rodney doing a threesome bachata
Here's me and Kanaka grooving

Annie and Rodney

Ramnish, Lily (and baby!) and Ken

Another photo 'secretly' snapped by Ken, this time of me and Thomas dancing

Just the girls - Lily, Antje and Nicola


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