Food, oh glorious food! (20th - 21st June 2008)

Friday, 20th June 2008: The usual Friday work drinks have migrated from Kitty O'Shea's over to the The Malthouse on Courtenay Place, an upmarket bar that boasts the largest range of beers in town. With over 100 different brands and types of beer to choose from, one is really spoilt for choice! But I'm not sure the change of location works well with the Friday drinking crew as they are mostly Guinness drinkers (did you know the boys even set up a social club in the office called B.I.G.A.S. - some Guinness appreciation club???).

Caught up with Kalwant and her flatmates, Kelly and Geoff for drinks and we headed over to One Red Dog on Blair Street for dinner. It had been a long time since I stepped into this restaurant but nothing much has changed. Still serving an assortment of pizzas (which I'm not a huge fan of) and pasta. Can see why I hardly come here...It was a nice dinner and an opportunity to get to know Kelly and Geoff a bit better. Kalwant sure has lovely flatmates :)

After dinner, the gang headed over to Hummingbird Cafe & Bar back on Courtenay Place (my first time here) where Kalwant was meeting up with a male friend. Ah-hem, male friend??? Geoff, Kelly and I teased Kalwant profusely about her about-to-turn-up 'male friend'. Though I have to say, if it was a date, the 3 of us should get going. Don't want to intrude :)

Ok, Hummingbird is definitely not the place to hang out for us young ones. The songs played here were from my grandparent's/parent's time and so were the majority of people around. It's funny how Wellington bars have different themes - hip, 80's, trance, Irish etc. Everything here spells one thing - OLD. We laughed and rolled our eyes at some of the songs, even did old-school dance moves (think Grease) for the hell of it! I didn't stay out late with the others and headed home around 9.30pm.

Saturday, 21st June 2008: Spent the early afternoon at home baking cakes with Sonja. We made 2 banana cakes and 1 chocolate rum cake. Yum! Photo of the choc rum cake:

Dropped Sonja home around 4pm and some cake to Kalwant and Hew - enjoy! Hey, no driving after having my cake guys - I could smell the strong rum when baking it :)
Around 9pm, I went to pick up Chris and we headed over to Jo's for her potluck party. I haven't caught up with Jo and friends for a long time and since Chris was new in town, I thought it would be a great idea to introduce him to a few more people. Hmm, though I'm a bit concerned that he'll be 'eaten alive' by the Brazilian women who seem to swoon at any new guy in the social circle. Chris doesn't have to know this, yet...hehe...

Jo made pastel as usual - yum! Must get the recipe from her next time. I flitted around the house, chatting with friends I've not seen for awhile and occasionally checking up on Chris to see if he was alright. He seemed to be enjoying himself with new friends (ah, good!).

Ricardo, Ricardo...everytime I see this Brazilian man, he would be joking about his lack of a love life, but more so about the 'muffin' issue (I've heard this upteen times). I don't know if this is a Brazilian cultural thing or what where women need to be 'perfect', trim and fit; 'muffin' refers to the excess bulge/fat 'hanging' out of pants or jeans and to Ricardo, 'muffin' is a real turn-off. And to his dismay, most women he has seen in town to date have 'the muffin'. "See, look, touch me - I have NO MUFFIN, NO MUFFIN AT ALL!" he'll often say and then grab my hand so I would feel his sides. Ok, ok, I know you have no 'muffin', sweetie - I get it! But what can I do? Any no 'muffin' ladies out there who's interested in a 40-year-old single, no 'muffin', no white hair (yes, the 'other' thing that Ricardo raves on) Brazilian man? Let me know...

South Americans are natural charmers and flirts. In the midst of chatting with people from the front to the back of the house, I was caught in a discussion of 'who's better?' between a new Argentinian bloke in town, Adrian, and Ricardo. It was really amusing to see both puffing out their chest, boasting to me which nationality makes a better lover (Argentina vs Brazil). Hmm, better not stand in between them for too long - they are now pulling me in opposite directions, one on each of my side, pretending to swoon me with their romantic charms and telling the other to lay off their hands of their 'gf'. Boys, boys - enough! You boys would have to work harder than this to get a 'date' with me :P

Bumped into Helbert at the party and we danced samba gafieira to one song in Jo's small living room but that didn't stop Helbert pulling out all the acrobatic moves on me. Yikes! Chris was surprised to see us dance to such moves - I think he thought we only danced for fun when we told him about it. And I probably surprised some of the other Brazilians too. Doubt they even thought I could dance. Hee, do not judge the book by its cover...

I'm glad Chris had a great time, even bumping into people he knew towards the end of the night. I eventually told him about the 'eaten alive' story to which he laughed when I said he was 'fresh meat'. :) Dropped off the boys Chris, Ricardo and his flatmate, Asko, and returned home around 1 am. What a night!


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