Drinks and farewells (9th - 11th May 2008)

Friday, 9th May 2008: I love Fridays! Friday is the day I have drinks after work with the lads in the office and I do enjoy being one of the 2.5 ladies in the group - I say 2.5 because it's me, Joanne and Francois, whom we are unsure which side of the fence he sits on ;P

Tonight's drinks at our usual hangout, Kitty O'Sheas, was a farewell for our colleague, Steve Clarke. Steve, it has been a pleasure working with you (despite me having to take out my ruler to smack your palm on several occasions when you timesheet to the wrong codes)! Best wishes in your future undertakings! It was also nice to see Rose there - I've been trying to catch up with her for awhile but somehow never seem to be able to meet up. You should come join Andrew and the rest of us at Kitty's more often :)

Ops, better run - I'm supposed to be at Annie's house around 9pm and Ken's coming to pick me up. But my god, it's pouring outside! RUN!

Annie invited friends over to her place in Thorndon for drinks. Several of us car pooled to her place and it was nice of Ken to drive me, Ron and Willy-John to Annie's in this crappy weather. Though poor Ron - he was drenched by the time he arrived at my place but there was no way we could contact him to pick him up (he doesn't have a mobile phone). Sorry, but there wasn't anything we could do!

Most of the salsa gang were at Annie's by the time we got there. Lots of catching up to do as I've not seen some of them for awhile (thanks Annie for bringing us all together!). Christian had brought along his ipod and we were entertained by his Zouk and Kizomba songs, 2 new rhythms of music that is now taking the latin dance scene by storm. I recall seeing the Australian performers dancing to such music at the salsa congress - very sexy and seductive (it was like watching hot, steamy sex on the dancefloor). I'm looking forward to learn the new dance moves when it arrives in Wellington ;) Just need a willing man to dance sexy with me!

No Friday night for the salseros and salseras is complete unless we end the night salsa dancing. Load up the cars, people! Most of us headed down to Latinos Bar for a few dances with band Los Guagua playing tonight. Gee, my dance moves were rusty from not dancing for awhile...

Saturday, 10th May 2008: Saturday as usual was a day for housework, weekly food shopping and swimming. I even managed to bake a cake for Francois's farewell party tonight in my busy day! It was a orange carrot cake made with much love (yep, including cutting my own finger...sob, sob...).

Francois threw a farewell BBQ party at his flat in Hataitai and everyone brought a little something. Oh, I laughed so much tonight! The jokes and silly antics made me grin from ear to ear. I was somewhat disappointed though that we couldn't convince Jeremy to do his fist-in-mouth stunt. Boo...

I'm not too sure who's idea it was to make a farewell video for Francois (and I think it was both fabulous and hilarious!). Everyone was taken to Francois's room individually and video-ed on his bed...yes, I know what you're thinking...I have to say that Adrian did a great job directing (including instructing Sam to set the lights at the right angle) and filming us. One wonders if Adrian had a different career some point in time...hmm...Here's the end product of Adrian's hard work: http://youtube.com/watch?v=6mrkgAifdDI

What's with people leaving Wellington these days anyway???! I've only started to know Francois and girlfriend, Priscilla, better and they are leaving for Melbourne! How could you guys leave? Please keep in touch and come back to visit - you'll be dearly missed :(

Sunday, 11th May 2008: My day of rest and recovery before another long, busy week...


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