Colm's and Kim's birthday celebration (3rd May 2008)

Today was a full day of birthday celebrations, starting at 2pm all the way till late. It was a combined birthday for 2 - my friend, Colm and his friend (my new friend), Kimberly. Happy Birthday to you two! :)

Our celebrations began with an hour of Indoor Grand Prix - Karting at Kaiwharawhara, about a 10-15 minute drive out of Wellington City. I picked up Kalwant from her place around 1.45pm and we headed over to meet up with the rest of the group. Ahhhh! So hard to find a park there!!!

After our quick introductions to new faces, it was time to battle each other on the race track. We went for casual racing, which cost us $10 per person for 15 minutes. Everyone had to put on a tissue cap, strapped on a helmet, and then given a briefing before we went to our karts. We were told that we weren't allowed to bump another kart or deliberately "push" anyone to the sides of the track - where's the fun without all that?? Ok, I'm just being a real meanie but it was good fun racing around the short track though I have to be frank, it does get a little boring after 5 minutes or so - we just went in circles! But the company was great and I haven't done this for years so it was fun to do this together :)

Hmm, perhaps because there were only 2 guys and the rest of us girls - I don't recall any name callings during the race :P

Emily and I sat out on the 2nd race as we had been exercising earlier today (her to the gym; me, swimming) - driving the kart was hard work and I could still feel my arms shaking from gripping on the steering wheel! We decided to play cameramen instead. You guys were zipping by so quickly - it was hard to take a good snapshot of anyone! Photos taken this afternoon:

A few hours to head home, shower and dress up before meeting again for dinner. Brr...what's with the weather???!! It was so cold at night, even my toes felt frozen numb in my boots! And I thought Tasmania would be colder - no way! Wellington's WAY COLDER!! And it's not even officially winter yet!

Dinner was at Istana Malaysia on Allen Street, a Malaysian restaurant that I've never stepped in despite having lived here for nearly 7 years (and I wonder why...hmm...). Got to know a few more people at dinner who were not at the race track earlier - cool! We chatted and laughed over our wine and delicious food. I ordered 1/2 dozen mixed satay for entree and nasi lemak for my main - the staff there were really nice to serve me nasi lemak on request (it was not part of the menu) and it was the best nasi lemak I've had to date in town! Hehe, I have Sharon to thank for recommending it to me (she had requested this dish before on previous visits). Yum! :) Cost me $30 total for my entree and main but well worth the cost.

No birthday is complete without singing the birthday song and cutting of a birthday cake. Amyliz made a beautiful cake for Colm and Kim! Urgh, I'm feeling so full now...ate too much! But the food was so good!! Photos taken at dinner:

A few of us had to leave early but those remaining headed to Alice for drinks. Alice is a bar on Forrester Lane (alleyway just off Tory St near where I work) and again, another place I've not been in. Gee, lots of firsts for me tonight, huh? It's a rather new bar (probably only opened last year when I was abroad) located behind Boogie Wonderland (Wellington's disco pop nightclub) and serves plenty of exotic cocktails. Saw some patrons trying the Mad Hatter's Tea Party which comes in a dainty China tea pot with two tea cups. Sure looked like they were drinking tea but it ain't alcohol-free!

I didn't stay on too long into the night and around 12am, left with Kalwant for home. Thanks for having me at the birthday bash, Colm and Kim! I had a great time and look forward to catching up again soon :)


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