Just days before trip to Tasmania (15th - 17th April 2008)

Tuesday, 15th April 2008: It was another busy week for me at work with lots to sort out before taking a week off to Tasmania on Friday. I'm looking forward to the break and hopefully get some sun in Tassie (short for Tasmania) as it has been pretty wet here in Wellington.

Caught up with Kim whom I've not seen for months - we've been trying to catch up for a drink or coffee a few times but our busy schedules didn't quite fit. I had to see her this week for it was the last week to catch up before she takes off to Wales and we ended up having coffee after work at Olive Cafe on Cuba Street. Yep, Lake has succeeded in 'stealing' Kim from us and she's moving over to Wales where her partner is currently located. How exciting! Kim, you have to email me and let me know all about your new life there! Photo of me and Kim at the cafe:

Aww, I'm missing you already :( Why are so many good friends of mine leaving??? Do send my regards to Lake when you see him! Lake's another good friend of mine from France who lived in Wellington for about 2-3 years before heading back to Paris last year. Unfortunately I was away overseas so we didn't say proper goodbyes to each other. Well, that just means I'll have to do it in person and go visit you guys in Wales then...hehe...hmm, worth considering since I've not been to Wales yet...

Wednesday, 16th April 2008: I HAVE to swim today! I'm very sure this is the only swim session I'll have until I return from my trip. Been so slack lately...bad, bad! But I have to say that I'm doing pretty well, gaining more confidence in the water and starting to swim laps with shorter rests in between. A pat on the back for myself for all the hard work - just imagine, 4 months ago, I couldn't even swim and now, see how far I've got! All this swimming should make me fit enough for the hikes and long walks in my Tassie trip :)

Caught up with Ron for dinner this evening - he's another busy man and we've been playing phone tag for weeks just trying to get in touch with one another. Seriously, I'll ring him and leave a message and he'll ring me back and end up leaving a message. And it goes on until a stroke of luck or randomness, we'll actually talk or meet up. So weird!

We went to Hede Cafe & Bar on Cuba Street for a Japanese dinner. Yum! I've been dying to have a nice Japanese meal for weeks!! Ron introduced me to sake (Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice) that was served warm. We were given a 320ml bottle of warm sake (this is the 'large' bottle) with 2 small cups to pour the drink into and sip from. Hmm, it's quite nice actually - I've never had sake before and for my first try, it wasn't bad :) But I'll probably stick to the one bottle this time - I think after about 4 bottles of sake, I would be in my own la-la land. Yep, the alcohol content for the one we had was about 15%. Good thing neither of us had to drive tonight so no worries there :P

After dinner, we went to Southern Cross Bar & Restaurant on Abel Smith Street to meet up with some Brazilian friends of ours but didn't see anyone we knew there. Oh well, might just have a drink while we're here. Ingrid, a friend of Ron's, joined us shortly after we found ourselves a table and the 3 of us chatted till about 10.30pm. It was fun to hang out with Ron and Ingrid, and listen to Ron talk about his crazy travel adventures and just having a good laugh together. We'll have to catch up again when I get back from my trip!

Thursday, 17th April 2008: I'm leaving early tomorrow morning and I've not packed! Some of my clothes are still drying!! Have to skip swimming today (I'm so bad to myself) to sort out my packing before gafieira practice and I couldn't join the rest of the gafieira bunch at Latinos for the salsa party tonight. :'(

Just realised when packing that it is time for me to shop for more clothes. Most of what I have looked pretty worn and good for the summer season. Hmm, might need to buy some clothes during my trip - Tasmania is supposed to be colder than Wellington according to most people I've talked to. Will soon find out when I arrive tomorrow! Better catch some zzzs now...


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