Day 7: Bicheno & Freycinet National Park, Tasmania (24th April 2008)

Today was the last day of our travels before heading back to Hobart tomorrow. Sigh, wish I could continue travelling...(dream!). Was up at 7am and by 7.30am, the rest of the gang started to turn up at our cabin for breakfast. Photo of our cabin:

I felt really sorry for Christy. See looked worse than yesterday and was not well enough to join us for another day of activities. At 8.45am, we left the cabin in search of a local health centre - she needed medical attention. Managed to find one nearby and we left Christy there to wait her turn while John quickly drop the rest of us off at East Coast Natureworld before returning back to check on Christy. I hope she's ok and gets well soon. Wouldn't like to be in her shoes, paying for a trip but not being able to enjoy it. Photo (secretly taken) of a very ill-looking Christy:

Bicheno is a town in the east coast of Tasmania primarily a fishing port and beach resort. Lots to do and see here, including scuba diving, fishing, tracking, night tours to see penguins etc. And our itinerary today is PACKED with stuff to do!

John dropped us of at East Coast Natureworld where we had the opportunity to see the Tasmanian devils - oh, goody! Set amongst 150 acres of natural parkland and lagoons, this is a place to experience Tasmania’s unique and amazing animals, birds, reptiles and plant life. I got to feed the animals too and boy where the kangaroos bold - they came up close and put their paws on my palm so they could better reach of the food! Eeks, my palm was covered with kangaroo slobber!!

The Tasmanian Devils are carnivorous marsupials now found in the wild only in Tasmania. Tasmanian Devils may look like cute little dogs but these fellows eliminate all traces of a carcass, devouring the bones and fur in addition to the meat and internal organs. No kidding, really, just listen to the sound of bone crushing during feeding time and true enough, the devils ate everything - EVERYTHING!

Wratty, me, Niek and Ilse were walking around taking photos of tiger snakes when we were all caught by surprise at the 'show' - snakes having sex. How, you ask? Well, you'll know when you see it yourself, the whole orgasm thing, uh-huh, yep. Was REALLY obvious. I think all 4 of us were gobsmacked, eyes wide open watching the snakes go on and on. Phew, someone's in heat! What made us cracked up was when another male snake tried to get in between the couple doing their deed and after several attempts and still having no luck, it decided to pee all over the other 2 - a stream of yellowish liquid. Hahaha...Photos taken at Natureworld:

Around 11am, John came to pick us up and we went back to our cabin to grab our packed lunch and Christy's camera. There was no way she could join us so will be resting in bed for the rest of the afternoon. Hmm, I wonder what was worse - being sick or seeing photos taken with her camera of us having fun and not being part of it. Poor thing...

Headed off to Freycinet National Park for the afternoon. A quick photo stop of an interesting road sign:

Kind of looked like "hit wildlife at 65 km/h from dusk to dawn" - hehe :P

Wratty had his wish granted - he had requested a stop on our trip to an oyster farm to sample the local fresh oysters and this was where we would be going to one! Cool! Made a stop at an oyster farm and Wratty ordered his dozen of fresh oysters. Was nice of him to share it with us - it was so fresh and tasted so good! Just fresh oysters with some sea water and lemon juice. Yum! Might get a plate for myself if we stop by again on our way back :) Photos of us enjoying the oysters:

Back on the bus and our journey continued on at the national park. We could choose to hike up Mt Amos or walk to Wineglass Bay. Everyone chose the latter since Wineglass Bay was rated one of the top 10 beaches in the world. That has to be something worth seeing :) It was a challenging hike to the lookout point. Damn, I should have worn shorts and my bikini - worked up a sweat just walking up the steps and path to the lookout!

John accompanied us on the walk to the lookout but stayed behind with Kate while the rest of the bunch headed down to the beach. Took us approximately 30 minutes but boy was I not looking forward hiking back up...

Hmm, I have to agree that this has to be one of the most beautiful beaches I've seen to date. A pristine, white, fine-grained sandy beach. Wow - it was so quiet and peaceful. Nothing but the sound of crashing waves. There were no amenities on site but thankfully we came prepared with our packed lunch. We didn't stay at the beach as long as we would have liked to as the wind picked up and it got somewhat unbearable to be there. I think it would be really nice coming here in nice summer's day with a bunch of friends/family for a picnic and tan. Photos taken here:

I STILL couldn't quite work out the 'wineglass' it supposed to be a half full wine glass shape???

Our whole walk took 3 hours return and by 4pm, we were back on the bus and headed to Cape Tourville for a quick photo stop of the lighthouse. Photos taken here:

Have you heard of Sex Wax? Louise had some in her bag...hmm, Louise, aren't you a little devil? Well, well, it ain't something you use for 'that' department...hehe...Sex Wax is a brand of wax you use for surfboards :) Photo of Louise and her Sex Wax:

If you haven't quite noticed how crazy our group is, I think the next photo will top it off for you. Louise had John pull up by the side of the road so that we could go take a photo of a wombat she had seen earlier today. Photo of the roadkill:

Eww, this is just disgusting! And makes me feel sick - bleah!

Back on the bus and headed to the cabin to catch up with Christy. Poor thing, she was still feeling sick :( Had a cup of coffee with her and Louise, and around 6.15pm, we (minus Christy) left for the Bicheno Penguin Tours. Cost me AUD20 for the optional tour to see little penguins in their natural environment. They looked cute but sure were noisy little creatures. And they'll nip your fingers if you try to touch them so don't even think of doing so. We had a guide who took us around answering any questions we had about the penguins. The downside though I have to say was that the tour was very popular so there were about 20 people to 1 guide (John wasn't there with us) and we had to shuffle around to see the penguins. Still, it was cool because we could see the penguins close up i.e. just next to your feet. Photos taken tonight:

The tour took an hour all up and by 7.30pm, we were back at the pick up/drop off point where John was waiting for us with Christy in the bus. Headed over to Delmares Cafe & Bar around the corner where we had our pizza/pasta dinner tonight. I opted for pasta since I'm not a huge fan of pizza. A bit too much for me and besides, I still can't quite get the roadkill image out of my mind - Louise, this is your fault!

I'm feeling so sleepy and tired. Yawn...I'm kind of glad that I'm going home soon - I miss my shower and bed!


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