Another splendid weekend with friends (12th - 13th April 2008)

Saturday, 12th April 2008: Woke up this morning with a huge swollen left hand - was bitten by an insect at Mike's place during the BBQ last night. God, it looked as if I had pumped air into the skin of my hand!

Went to The Warehouse on Lyall Bay after my swim to shop for some cheap winter clothes for my trip. Couldn't find anything suitable and you wouldn't believe this but I ended up looking for T-shirts from the kid's section! Apparently I'm a size 12 for kids. Hey, but kids have more colourful tops than those in the ladies' section :P

Salsa Picante had a post-performance lunch at Ramnish's today. Everyone brought a little something - Thomas made a German pizza with sour cream pizza, Ramnish cooked a yummy chicken paella, Abi made scones and the others all brought crackers, dips, dessert etc. I made mum's ever-popular Orange Carrot Cake (and I think it was a hit...hehe!). John and Colin missed out on the food and loads of laugh - where were you guys???! Photos taken at lunch:

Did I mention that Lily is expecting a baby? Congratulations Lily and Carlos!! We'll have a salsarinho or salsarinha join in soon :)

Ok people, I need to go home, shower and get dressed up before meeting my movie date (and then meet you guys later at the Salsa Ball). Picked up my Malaysian girlfriend, Priscilla, and we headed off to Reading Cinemas to watch Definitely, Maybe. Nice romantic comedy - just what I needed for a laugh and not too much to ponder after watching the movie ;) I'm going to put you on my speed dial for movies now, Priscilla! It's always good fun going to the movies with her :)

Gee, I seem to be on the move so much today, packing in lots of activities and things to do! Went to St James Westpac Theatre for the Salsa Ball. I think the last time I attended the ball was maybe 2 years ago? Wow, that's been a long time...and I wasn't planning to go in the first place but kind of wanted to dance (haven't danced since the salsa congress) plus Ron said he was going (we've been trying to catch up but again, phone tagging). I had a great time dancing tonight - got lots of fun dances with friends and some really steamy ones with Ron and Willy-John. Phew, where were the firemen?? Oh, and it was really cool to dance with Ramnish and Ken, who were putting their new 'stealing' moves into play i.e. 2 guys dancing with 1 girl but both trying to 'steal' her from each other to continue dancing. Cool!

I wondered if I enjoyed being back on the salsa scene tonight because I haven't been there the past 3 weeks. Perhaps too much of a good thing is makes it bad? Hmm...

Sunday, 13th April 2008: Spent my day with Hew and family this afternoon. They came to pick me up and we headed to Petone for lunch at Kilim (kebab shop) . Yum! The wrap they use differs from those pre-packed ones used by other kebab shops in town and that made a real difference to the kebab. And the place is nice too, with lots of Turkish influence in the interior and decoration. Jonathan, look what you've done - now I've to make trips down here for my weekly kebab fix :P

I'm really becoming a star character in Edmund's life. He doesn't want Jonathan sitting next to him but me and Hew on his sides. Aww, so sweet (sorry, Jonathan)! But that's good news for you guys because if Edmund's comfortable being in my company, I don't mind babysitting him once and awhile when you guys want to have some time to yourselves :)

Jonathan dropped the rest of us off at Petone Beach after lunch while he did some shopping. It was a nice day and we took a stroll down the beach from the jetty. Edmund was hilarious, making up his own story about treasure hunting for dinosaur bones. So cute :) Photos taken at the beach:

The rest of the afternoon was spent at Hew's friend's house where hosts Penny and Adrian, their neighbour and us brainstormed Hew's and Jonathan's wedding plans. The project manager side of me kicked in despite I was tired out from the antihistamine I had earlier today. I hope Jonathan didn't think I was throwing cold water at his ideas all the time - I was just being realistic and kept them in line, reminding them constantly that the wedding is about them. Having 3 wedding receptions in 3 different countries is no easy feat! Hew and Jonathan, apologies if I was direct and sounded rude. Remember, it is YOUR wedding at the end of the day and you do what makes both of you happy - these are just suggestions from all of us. I have a feeling that the gang may be getting together on a regular basis for the next couple of months to help out in this mega project...and we all look forward to the summer wedding in February!


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