A weekend of fun (15th - 16th March 2008)

Saturday, 15th March 2008: After a long night partying, I was up at 9am than my usual 8 and treated myself to some pancakes. Yum, I love pancakes! Photo of my breakfast:

Oh, that was a bit too much for me - should have just stuck to 2 pieces!

Today was the Salsa Picante dress rehearsal. Only a week to go before the competition - oh my god! Wow, Abi did a fabulous job on my shoes - they were different in design than the rest of the girls and Abi added an extra attachment so that it'll look similar. And it worked - our friends who came to watch the practice couldn't tell the difference! Yay!! Photos at the rehearsal: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157604161986028/detail/

After the rehearsal, I went for a swim. I've been starting to practice my breathing on both sides when swimming the freestyle (I've only been breathing on my right side). Ain't easy, I have to say but I'm sure it'll get better with more practice :) Hey, I couldn't even swim 4 months ago - I deserve a pat on the back!

The weather was nice and sunny so I took a long drive to Scorching Bay. Hmm, I would love to just lie in the sun for a bit but I've just had my shower at the pool. So instead, I took a walk around the bay. Most sunny days, I would end up bumping into friends at the beach but didn't see anyone I knew today. It was quite nice to have a live DJ playing music - most of my beach days in NZ had no music accompaniment so my friends and I had to bring along an ipod with speakers or open up the boot of the car and turn on the stereo. Photos taken at the beach:

Walking down the beach on my own reminded me of the days I spent here in the past. Old memories flooded back, both bitter and sweet. Sigh...

I went over to Jo's place tonight for Lia's farewell party. Turns out, she was just going to be away for a month in the South Island for work and I thought she was going away forever! Still, it was a cause for a get-together and I had good fun watching friends sing karaoke, dance, chit-chat and mingle with new faces I've never met, had some feijoada (yum!) and there were even some guys having a BBQ at the backyard, people dancing in the kitchen etc. I think George really enjoyed singing karaoke :P Would have loved to stay longer but I couldn't as I've got salsa practice at 9.30am tomorrow. Photos taken tonight: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157604162299928/detail/

Oh, did I tell you that I met a guy named Glen from Christchurch who also knew Kalwant and Sharon? What a small world!

Sunday, 16th March 2008: I was up at 7am today! Wasn't sure if it was the end of daylight savings and my brain just wouldn't shut down and allow me to sleep. Sheesh! It was supposed to be the end of daylight savings today but this year, NZ had extended daylight savings by 3 weeks. I want my beauty sleep back...plus the weather was terrible this morning. Just look at these photos taken from my apartment:

An hour of salsa practice and another hour at the gym later, I headed to the Overseas Terminal Function Centre (Chaffers Marina) to check out the Italian Festa. It was free entry and there were lots of people and heaps of Italian food to purchase and try. I didn't stay long or tried anything but just walked around and took some photos. The weather was looking much better now though still pretty gusty outside. Photos taken this afternoon: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157604149668860/detail


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