A walk along Oriental Parade (24th March 2008)

Another gorgeous day today and it's too hard to head straight home after my swim so I went for a walk on my own (and have an ice-cream) at Oriental Parade. Again, didn't see anyone I knew today despite quite a lot of Wellingtonians out and about. Photos taken today: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157604223313551/detail/

Everywhere I looked, there were families, couples, groups of friends, young and old, talking, laughing and having a good time together and I felt a sudden pang of sadness inside me sitting on my own watching people pass by. Loneliness decided to come sit next to me, filling me with thoughts of self doubt and memories from the past. Hmm, time to go home now (and take that cave man club of mine out to club Loneliness into pieces)...


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