Night out with friends (29th March 2008)

The weather took a dramatic change today, pouring heavily outside with gusty wind blowing. Yuck. This type of weather is why sometimes I feel that Wellington may not be the place for me. Sunny days make me feel happier!

Earth Hour took place at 8pm tonight. It was an event created to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced: GLOBAL WARMING. I took part in this by turning off the lights for an hour - everyone who participated would do the same at their local time of 8pm and this simple action sends a powerful message about the need for action on global warming. Well, honestly I didn't really participated since I was on my way out to town and had to turn off all my lights anyway :P

Caught up with Ken at 8.30pm at Molly Malone's for a drink - bloody hell, was already drenched even before I started partying! Us and Kalwant were going to check out Fetish Dance Party 2008 at Subnine on Edward Street tonight. I had send around texts and a few messages to some friends to join in and I think I may have shocked a few - they probably didn't expect me to ask them to go to such an event that was meant to be flesh and fantasy of kinky, weird and unbearably erotic stuff. I thought it would be good fun to do something different and even have a few good laughs with friends.

We were looking forward for a fun night out BUT (yes, here comes the but) we didn't end up going to the party. "How come?", you ask? Well, the 2 bouncers at the door. donned in what looked like Jon Bon Jovi and Hannibal Lecter, just wouldn't let us in. Said that we were not dressed for the party i.e. we had to lose more clothing. Did they just suggested I take off my mini-skirt and halter top and walk in in my undies??? I have to say I was not impressed that we were barred from going in because no where on the advertisement did it state that one had to dress up for the party (Jon Bon Jovi agreed when I mentioned that). Still, they wouldn't budge despite it was their own error of misinformation. For a split second, I really did want to strip off my clothes just to piss the bouncers off. ARGHHH! Got my friends out and walked all the way here in the rain for nothing! There goes my plan for tonight ~~:( That's smoke coming out from my head...

We ended up at Vivo Enoteca Cucina around the corner, a nice quiet wine bar for a glass of wine and chit-chat. Hmm, I like the place - I've never been here before! Have to come back next time to try out their Italian cuisine. You know, actually there are quite a few small clubs and bars hidden around the Edward Street area that I didn't know of. Just shows how 'often' I go out!

Though we didn't end up doing what we had planned, it was still a nice get-together with friends. And we're planning a yum char session to catch-up when we all get back from our travels later in April. Cool! Looking forward to that :)


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