Lesith's housewarming party (8th March 2008)

Lesith invited me over to her house at Broadmeadows this evening for a housewarming/get-together. I had a lovely time with friends and had the opportunity to practice my Portuguese as well :) There were several Brazilians there who were currently learning English in NZ and two of Lesith's Portuguese students, me and Sam - it was great that both parties tried to speak each others' language and learnt from one another. Was very pleased with myself that I could understand some of the conversation and jokes the Brazilians were saying even though I couldn't contribute much i.e. speak in response. My brain still takes awhile to make sense of each sentence because I would translate each word into English to understand the Portuguese sentence. Hmm, need to hone my listening skills...

Aww, Amaya is so sweet! She knows I have a camera and would do a pose, waiting for her photo to be taken. Cheeky! And she makes me smile too as she giggles when I play peek-a-boo with her :)

Adeuson's birthday falls on the coming week and Lesith surprised him with a birthday cake. Feliz aniversario (Happy Birthday in Portuguese)! Photos of us tonight:

Friends Ricardo (Br), Sam (NZ), Helbert (Br) and Liandra (Br)

Just look at Amaya, in smiles at the camera...

Brazilians Junior and Adeuson

The black trio - me, Ricardo and Sam

Lesith and Adeuson with his birthday cake


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