It's the weekend again (29th February - 2nd March 2008)

YES!! It's the weekend again - oh, I've been so looking forward to it the whole week and I'm so glad it's here!

Friday is never complete without a BBQ. Yep, you know the drill, BBQ at Mike's every Friday until summer ends, which (I think) is in 2 weeks. Had a few new faces this week - Adeuson (Anouk's partner just returned from Brazil), Junior (new Brazilian guy and friend of Lesith's) and I brought along my friend, George. Photos taken this week:

Junior with his camera with Sandung and Chris beside him

Boys Sandung, Chris, Sam and Mike

Anouk carrying baby Amaya with Adeuson beside her, and George


...and me!

Sob, sob...I've not had much sun yet this summer as my weekends are prioritised around Salsa Picante practices. Sigh, I miss my days just lazing in the sun with no time contraint/schedule...The group have been practising every weekend since I returned from my year end holidays for the competition to be held at Wellington Town Hall on Good Friday (March 21st). That's 3 weeks away and I'm starting to feel stressed out! I had initially joined the group to perform for fun but we ended up putting ourselves forward to compete in the team category for the 2008 NZ Pacific Salsa Congress. I'm sure everyone is feeling somewhat stressed even though I think my group isn't so much in combat mode compared to the other teams. But still, it's stressful knowing that for 3 minutes, there will be over 90 people watching us dance on stage! Yikes!! Here's the link of the selection teams (Salsa Picante included) for this year:

I'll probably take a break from salsa dancing for awhile, and just social dance occasionally. Kind of felt too overwhelmed by it after getting involved with the competition. I love the dance but with work getting busier and all, I hardly spent time in my apartment (feels more like a hotel where I only go home to sleep) or just some quiet time to relax. It'll also be nice change to take up a different hobby or activity this year :)

You may have noticed by now from my Travel Itinerary column that I'll be travelling to Tasmania in April. Yeah, thought I deserve a holiday break after all the commotion in my life. Booked myself on a backpacking trip (yes, I'm travelling on my own again) going around Tasmania for a week. Not too sure what to expect but I'm going with no expectations. And the trip ain't cheap either. Already forked out a grand to pay for my return flights and another grand for the trip (not going to look at my credit card statement for now or I'll get a heart attack). I'm just going to go and make the most of my short trip. It'll be fun!

What about Samba de Gafieira practices, you ask? That is still going on as usual, 2-3 times a week. Hehe, I'm so pleased with myself that I can finally do the 'cabidi' with minimal fear, an acrobatic move where Helbert brings me to his right side, gives me a lift so I could swing my both my legs in the air to his left hip, followed by swinging myself to his back, then hooking my legs onto his left arm, letting go of my hands while swinging myself upside down and him turning me right side up to sit on his lap. Probably doesn't make any sense to you - you need to see it to understand what I mean. I love being flung around and dipped in dances :) Of course, you need to trust your partner and practice a lot before you carry out such moves. And you need enough space too. Do not attempt such moves in a packed dancefloor. My new challenge now is to learn the 'bambolei', another acrobatic move but this one has me going around under his leg, somewhat like a hula hoop.

Oh yeah, if you haven't seen the movie The Bucket List, make sure you go see it. A touching movie about the lives of 2 men, their friendship and how they lived their last few months before they kicked the bucket - I had some good laughs and also shed a few tears along the movie. Definitely recommended.


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