Samba de gafieira practice on as usual (21st February 2008)

Helbert was been away on holiday for a week in Perth so samba practice had been on hold for the week but it's back on again!

Had another couple join us tonight, friends of mine from salsa, Christian and Jessica - Jessica is from Brazil and already knew how to dance gafieira, and was teaching Christian the moves. And he learns quick!

"Christian, what is your profession?" asked Helbert, who was amazed how quickly Christian picked up the moves. He's a nutritionist by trade but we all have suspicions he wanted so badly to be a dancer...hehe....And not forgetting Ramnish and Stacey who are doing very well and learning new steps quickly too (oh, I'm so proud and happy for them!). Soon, we'll all be dancing at Latinos Bar :) Photos taken tonight:

Ramnish and Stacey practising the steps they were taught previously

Repeat offender Ramnish, always dancing with men!Here's Helbert testing Ramnish's way of leading the step

New couple in the practice group, Jessica and Christian


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