Pizza night at home (9th February 2008)

After a busy day of household chores, swimming and samba practice, I was feeling somewhat tired and decided to stay home for the night. Helbert was feeling much the same and suggested for us to make pizzas at home - there were tortillas (a kind of thin, unleavened flat bread, made from finely ground corn or wheat flour) leftover from yesterday's BBQ and we just had to pick up a few pre-cooked items for the pizza. This is the first time Helbert and I are making pizzas - should be quite interesting to see the outcome of our creation! And on tortillas? Hmm...

Helbert pretty much ran the whole show while I helped out as necessary, including providing the chef with continuous flow of beer to fuel him while he was cooking :P Mmm...the pizzas turned out great on the tortillas, making it crispy thin, and piled up with lots of toppings. Another successful cooking trial, Helbert! Hi-5!! Photos taken tonight:


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