BBQ again at Mike's on Friday (22nd February 2008)

So looking forward to the weekend and what better way to catch up with friends at Friday BBQ :)

Chris (Australian) has now become a regular Friday addition to the BBQ - welcome! We also had Lesith (Brazilian friend and also my Portuguese teacher), Anouk and her lovely 6-month-old girl, Amaya, join us for the BBQ this evening.

The weather was fantastic today - not too hot or cold. Anouk brought some samba music with her which we had playing in the background while we all hung out at Mike's front garden, chatting and enjoy being in the company of good friends. Photos of us today:

Brazilians Lesith and Helbert at the BBQ

Chris and Anouk listening attentively to what Mike was explaining

Baby Amaya sitting on mummy's lap - aww, so cute!

Time to eat everyone!


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