Wellington Anniversary weekend (19th - 21st January 2008)

New Zealand law provides an anniversary day for each province. Wellington Anniversary Day is the Monday that falls closest to 22nd of January and is observed as a public holiday within the old provincial boundaries. In my context, that just means a long weekend for me - yippee! Oh, I so need another holiday. I haven't got back to the routine of going to work Monday-Friday yet! Hehe...
Didn't do much during the long weekend but just chilled out at home. On Sunday, Lia came over to my place to give Helbert a haircut. Lia's a new friend of mine who's also from Brazil. She works as a beautician for my Colombian friend, Anayibi, at her shop in James Smith Arcade but I wasn't introduced to Lia by Anayibi, but by Rose. See? Now you know how 'small' Wellington is...everybody knows everybody...
Hey Lia, perhaps we could do a deal - you do the haircut and I provide my bathroom for space hire. How does that sound? She did a good job on Helbert's hair for a relatively affordable cost (I think she said her charges were $20 for mens haircut and $40-60 for women). Might have a cut myself at some stage though I'm a litte afraid that we'll have some miscommunication about the style to cut (Lia's learning English and at the moment, we talk with each other a bit like cavemen talk - lots of hand gestures and expressions with some English or Portuguese thrown in). It's fantastic that at her age, she's dares to take on the challenge of coming to work in an English-speaking country and learn the language. Good on you, Lia!
We (me, Helbert and Lia) spent a few hours at Oriental Bay beach in the afternoon. Hmm, this Wellington summer is nice. I don't recall having spent so much time out in the sun my last few summers and I'm making the most of it! A few beers and tidbits (and an ice-cream for me) at the beach and lots of laughter (Lia's really funny!).
Oh-o...I think we stayed past 2 hours...I had my car parked at the carpark near the beach and totally forgotten that I had to have the car moved within 2 hours (was having too nice a time on the beach and even Helbert lost track of time). By the time Helbert when to check if I was ticketed, it was too late - got my first ticket (yes, my first EVER) for my car! Didn't bother me much though as it was my fault really and not too huge a bill ($12). The funny part was when Helbert asked the ticketing man if we had to move the car now, the man said we could park the car for another 2 hours. What the???!
Helbert and I decided to cook today so went to the shops to get some food. I'm sure you realise by now that he enjoys messing up my kitchen (hehe...just kidding) and cooking up food concoctions of his own (lucky I'm game enough to try). Today's meal was pan-fried warehou fish marinated in his 'secret recipe' - yeah right...I have to say though, his concoctions always turns out good and this meal was yet another huge and satisfying one :) Perhaps reconsider your profession, Helbert? Photos taken on Helbert's camera: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157603864878597/detail/


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