Samba de Gafieira practice at home (24th January 2008)

Helbert has been teaching me how to dance samba de gafieira (partner dance samba that looks likes a mix of salsa and tango) and we have been practicing about twice a week since November. Ooo, not easy to learn because it differs from salsa (not so much butt action but more pencil-like legs movements) - it was all new to me but I love the challenge, especially when I'm able to perform the acrobatic moves correctly. :) Works up a sweat too! I enjoy dancing this samba because it dances to my favourite type of music, bossa novas. I've only ever been able to enjoy listening to the bossa novas but now I can put my other passion into it - dance! And with some Portuguese language lessons, I will be able to understand the words sung. Ah bliss!

Helbert (with a bit of my help dancing with him) has started to teach Ramnish and Stacey a few moves on Thursdays at my place - it's with hope that by passing on the dance moves to a few more couples that Latinos will slot samba de gafieira songs in between the salsa songs. Latinos is after all supposed to be a South American bar and should include Brazilian music too (which is not commonly played on Fridays and Saturdays - still very salsa-driven). Also, people here only associate samba with carnival-like dance moves. Dancing samba de gafieira will open their eyes to a whole new samba. :)

Ramnish and Stacey learn quick! And it was only their first class dancing together!! Photos taken of our prodigy students in the first class:

Helbert giving Ramnish some tips on how to lead Stacey


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