Week 3 back in Wellington (12th - 18th November 2007)

Another busy week at work but I’m very happy because I’ve just received a call from Telecom on Monday informing me that I've been offered the job (I applied for a position there a week or so ago). I’m so excited!! I still need to review and sign the contract to ‘seal the deal’ and should be receiving my contract sometime this week.

Caught up with my friend Joel for dinner Monday night at Roti Chenai Cafe on Victoria Street. I've always wanted to check out this place but never got round to it because it wasn't on my way home. Joel was briefly a flatmate of mine when I was living at Everton Hall of Residence (Everton Hall is one of Victoria University’s student hostels) – I was moved to another flat shortly after moving into his flat. We were supposed to meet up during my visit to Singapore and do some travelling together in Asia but our travel plans didn’t quite match up. Sounds to me like you’ve had quite an adventure, Joel!

On Tuesday, I went back to Toyota to finalise the purchase of my Yaris. I couldn’t believe that I bought a brand new car for myself! The car should arrive in 2 weeks. Can’t wait!

I plan to start cooking for myself a bit more from now on. Poor Helbert was ‘guinea pig’ to my first attempt – this was the first time I’ve cooked in years. Hey, I’ve warned you beforehand…the Japanese curry wasn’t so bad, right? :P

Wednesday, 14th November 2007: Received my Telecom contract today. Very professional, I must say – the contract came inside a business folder that included a calculator, pen and business pad. I'm impressed! I'll be finishing up at SIM next Wednesday which gives me 4 days to rest up before I start my new job. I will need that!

Had dinner with Sly at Satay Village on Ghuznee Street tonight and we brought each other up to speed on what has been happening the past 4 months in our lives. Sly’s a regular there. Even the manager knows him by name. :) Thanks for dinner, Sly – we have to catch up when you return from your trip, and it’ll be my shout!

After dinner, I went to a Mario Canonge concert held for the closing of the No 11 Wellington International Jazz Festival at Ilott Theatre. Cost me $35 for the ticket and the seating is first-come-first-serve (lucky I was there early and took the seat in right in the middle of the theatre). This guy plays the piano very well – his fingers would run up and down the piano keys like millipede legs i.e. very fast movements. It was a full-house concert and good overall even though the jazz music wasn’t really my type (I prefer Latin jazz). What was fun was when the audience clapped to a string of beats and became part of the music. 2.5 hours of good music to end my night. Ahh...

You know, I was thinking to myself while walking home that this was the life I wanted to achieve at 21 – independence, having my own apartment, car, social life, etc. Though not exactly how I would like it to be, I’m quite happy with what I have so far. Life’s too short to think and get bothered about the haves and have-nots; you have to live the moment!

Friday, 16th November – Sunday, 18th November 2007: My bed arrived on Friday but I still had to sleep on the couch that night because the delivery guys didn’t have a screwdriver to put in the screws (and I was told if I didn’t have the screws in and ‘broke’ the bed, I wouldn’t be entitled for the warranty). When I asked why they didn’t have a screwdriver, I was informed that theirs was broken. I couldn’t believe my ears!

Saturday night was spent at a summer party at Liva’s place in Newtown – it was supposed to be a surprise get-together for Andrea who was going to Brazil for a holiday but turned out to be a surprise for the rest of us when she walked in showing off her engagement ring! Yep, our gorgeous friend is now engaged to fiancĂ© Zaza. Guess you won’t be going to Brazil anytime soon, will you, hun? It was a fun night – drinks, BBQ, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, and of course, lots of dancing!

I tagged along with Hew and family to her church and life group after the church service on Sunday. Met a few fellow Malaysians at her life group leader’s potluck lunch and when Malaysians get together, all we talk about is FOOD! Hehe…

Late Sunday afternoon was spent at a BBQ in new friend Christina’s home at Roseneath. Christina’s from Salvador, Brazil and I met her and her German husband Thomas last night at the party. She cooked a whole fish for everyone – it was delicious! Christina and Thomas will be going to Germany soon for a few months. Do contact me when you get back – would love to catch up! And safe travels!


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