Telecom Xmas Function 2007 (13th December 2007)

Our whole unit got together for Xmas lunch today at Café Istanbul. I’ve never been here before and apparently you can eat and watch belly-dancing (even participate) on certain nights. We did the $30 lunch special (this is only for groups of 8 or more people) but I don’t think I ate my $30 worth. After the bread entrée, I could only finish half of my main meal!

When you have Peter, Scully and Chris – you get the 3 Amigos donned in what looked like a cross between a mariachi and a clown. They looked so funny and I couldn’t stop laughing at their antics! The ladies, Nicky, Kirsty and Mindy were dressed up like can can girls and looked so lovely. These colleagues of mine were already in gear before we even got to TSB Arena for the Telecom Christmas party later this evening :) Photos of us at Café Istanbul:

A few of us stopped by at Matterhorn on Cuba Street for a drink before heading to the party. A photo of us at Matterhorn:

The Telecom Christmas party was said to be legendary and it definitely has the 'wow' factor. The theme for this year was Street Carnival and so many people came dressed up as all sorts: cross-dressers, Halloween characters, beauty queens, can can girls etc. And nothing keeps the employees happier when there’s free alcohol flowing, food and live DJ and bands (including Spacifix) playing! It was a fantastic night with lots of laughs!! Photos at the party:


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