Salsa Picante lunch at Ramnish’s (15th December 2007)

Salsa Picante is the name of my rueda performance group who will be performing in the NZ Pacific Salsa Congress during the Easter weekend next year. We have been practicing for a few weeks now but haven’t quite decided on the song for the routine. Ramnish had called the group together for lunch at his home in Kilbirnie and to also find songs we’ll all agree to for the performance. Some of us were still recovering from a long night partying the night before…

Yum, Ramnish can sure cook! He prepared lots of food for us (we had a few extra non-performers join in for lunch – the more, the merrier!). Photos of us at Ramnish’s:

And here's a video of us chilling out after lunch and listening to some potential salsa songs for the performance:

I can’t stay and hang out guys! Need to run off to get stuff for my housewarming party tonight – see you all later!!


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