Salsa and clubbing with friends (14th December 2007)

It's Friday again!! Salsa night tonight!! My friends and I headed to our usual hang out place, Latinos bar for dancing. Tonight was special than most Fridays because our dear friend Andrea is leaving next week (sob, sob!!) - it was her last Friday night dancing salsa at Latinos. We'll miss you so much! There was no band playing tonight thus not a lot of people, mainly just us ruling the dancefloor. Photos taken at Latinos:

Not too sure who suggested to go clubbing (we don't normally do this after salsa dancing) but those of us who hung around till late were walking around town looking for a club to go to. Photos of us on the streets:
Back (l-r): Ramnish, Colin, Clare, Alicia and Thomas. Front (l-r): Ken, me, Willy-John, Andrea and Annie

What are you looking at?!
After trying to get into a few clubs (long queues everywhere), we ended up in Red Square on Blair Street for a few dances. Quite a cool place and packed with people - it was my first time here. Gee, I must have super eyesight because amidst the packed club, I saw sexy Sharon sitting on one of the lounge couches from the corner of my eye! Sharon was there on a work function and it was good to see her (the busy bee has such a packed social schedule I have to pre-book to catch up with her!). Hehe...Photos taken in the club:

My, my, Colin, you sure can groove for your age - I can't keep up! Was feeling tired after all the dancing at Latinos but still ok to sway to a few songs :)

It was about 3am when we left Red Square to Burger King for a late night (morning, actually) snack. More photos of us:
Wow, this was probably one of the longest nights I've had for a long time. I don't remember the last time I stayed out this late! We have to do this again sometime, people - it was heaps of fun :)


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