My housewarming party (15th December 2007)

After several requests to throw a housewarming party since I moved in to my apartment 1.5 months ago, I decided to have a party tonight and invited my friends over. It was a BYO drinks and snacks party i.e. you bring your own drinks and some food. I had some finger food and drinks for the guests too - wine, beer, antipesto and bread plate, nuts, even small Santa chocolates (hey, Christmas is coming). Thankfully Helbert was around to help set-up my place moving my furniture and organising the music - my apartment is still quite empty so there'll plenty of dance space!

My friends started streaming in from about 8pm onwards. It helps when throwing a party to invite your surrounding neighbours too so that they wouldn’t lodge a complaint because you were making too much noise :) Oh, and did I mention, there were even fireworks display, especially for my party (haha, yeah right, but there really was fireworks).

The salsa dancers burned the dance floor! They were the majority as compared to my Brazilian friends (most of them couldn’t come due to other commitments) – it would have been better with more equal numbers so both groups could take turns to dance. Photos from the housewarming party:

It was a great night – might have to do another one in the new year! Thanks everyone for coming!

The last lot of friends left around 2am. Cleaning can wait till tomorrow. Need to catch up with some zzzs. Been partying the whole weekend!!


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