Christmas dinner party at Jo’s (24th – 25th December 2007)

This is my 2nd year celebrating Christmas Eve with my Brazilian friends. Rose (Jo’s sister and Andrew’s wife) would cook up a feast for Christmas dinner – hmm, I can’t wait to have her roast turkey and lots of other yummy food again!

Helbert and I were there early to help out. Well, I don’t think we were much help frankly since we were eating the pastel (commonly sold on the streest in Brazil, this savoury is made with a thin pastry envelope containing minced meat or another filling and then deep fried) that Jo was cooking for the dinner. I think I had one too many – I couldn’t eat much after…oh, but they were so good! Hehe…Photos taken at Jo’s:

Guilarme and Jo cooking the pastel

First you need to flatten the dough, then put in your filling...

I've only had one, really! (yeah, like we believe you :P)

Let’s do a quick Xmas presents swap before the other guests arrive! We had to do this before the party because Helbert was up to mischief and had a surprise for Rose. This was how it all started: sometime ago, Helbert had purposely bought Rose a display cartoon cow figurine with one ear chipped off for her birthday (that was not the actual present but a present before the real one). This time, he managed to find a similar cow with both ears chipped, had it wrapped up nicely and given to Rose personally. Oh my, you should see Rose’s face when she saw it! What a laugh it was for everyone! Photos taken at Rose’s:

This year’s dinner was slightly different. We had the dinner at Jo’s place which was a few doors away from Rose’s house and lots of dancing after a meal (last year was more of a sit, eat and chat dinner). More photos taken at Jo’s:

It was really nice of Rose to invite me to the dinner. I’ve always wanted to spend the night before Christmas with family and/or friends – it’s just a special moment that you want to share with love ones. Thank you so much for making it happen, Rose! She’s like a big sister to me and I enjoy being in her company :)

Christmas day itself was a lazy morning at home (was pouring outside) and packing up stuff for my year end travels up north tomorrow. There was still food leftover from last night and a few of us went back to Jo’s for a late lunch.

Time really flies and another year is about to come to an end. I wish all my dear family and friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the year ahead be blessed with lots of happiness, good health and prosperity in our lives!


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