Christening of Helbert’s BBQ (8th December 2007)

Me and the gang of boys from the hostel days (we used to all hang out when living in Taranaki 217 Hostel; Sandum, Jason and TJ still lives there) got together at Mike’s house in Ngaio for a BBQ this afternoon. Helbert has just bought a new BBQ set – this is probably the 4th BBQ set that Helbert and I had assembled in 2 years (hmm, perhaps we should make a profession out of this – haha!). We've moved our regular Friday BBQ after work sessions to Mike's place until further notice :)

Rose and Andrew came to join us this time. Wow, look at the amount of food everyone brought – we had leftovers enough for the next BBQ! Helbert tried to BBQ a fish this time – we had been testing this out in smaller scale with my oven (the fish on the BBQ was 6.5kgs; we had only done 1kg fish so far). Hmm, we can still add more seasoning to the fish but it was a good first attempt! Photos from the BBQ:

We have tried and tested different food to put on the BBQ including a whole pineapple, whole onion and live mussels. Don't try the banana like we did in a previous BBQ (hot mashed banana doesn't look and taste very appealing):


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