Bianca’s going away dinner (11th December 2007)

Bianca and her partner, Rod, will be going to Brazil for 6 weeks and she got a few of her friends together for dinner at Oriental Thai Restaurant tonight. Poor Rod – everyone kept telling him to be careful when he’s there and I think he’s starting to have second thoughts about going! Well, it can be dangerous anywhere you travel. You just have to be careful and aware of your surroundings especially when travelling alone. Don't go anywhere without Bianca!

Eh, Carlos, what do you mean ‘you look familiar but not sure where you saw me before’?? We got introduced like 2 years ago and we see each other all the time in the same parties we go to (thoink, thoink - needs bashing in the head)! Yes, nice to meet you AGAIN :P By the way, Carlos, like my friend, Roberto, is a musician and leads in his band Clave Latina. Carlos (he’s Mexican) also plays at Havana bar every alternate Tuesday (him this week, Roberto next, him again and so forth).

Hmm, the food here is good…you have to come try! The serving is huge though so it would be better off to have a group come together so you could sample different dishes.

It was a nice get-together and catch-up. A few of us stayed on till after 11pm (most of us had to go as we worked the next day). Photos of us at the restaurant:

Brazilian girlfriends Mariama, Paula and Bianca

Anaiyibi (Colombian and a new mum-to-be), Josinta (Kiwi-British) and Tabatha (Brazilian)

Brazilians friends Helbert and Lesith


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