Andrea’s farewell at Havana Bar (18th December 2007)

Andrea had invited many of her Wellington friends to her farewell drinks at Havana Bar tonight. Honestly, I don’t like the term ‘farewell’ – it sounds so sad, as if we’ll never meet again. I prefer ‘temporary departure’ because I still want to see you again, my dear :)

We somehow managed to salsa dance and even squeeze in a rueda in the small bar. Just use smaller steps and dance closer – that would work :P Perhaps Havana Bar should consider promoting Tuesday nights as salsa nights too. Gives us salsa dancers another place to dance during the week. Photos of us at Havana:
Andrea with friends from Wellington

Roberto and Rafael playing Cuban music while we salsa in Havana Bar (pairs from back: Willy-John & Su Wei, Alicia & Colin, Carlos & Lily, me & Antonio)

Andrea partnering up with Lily while I danced with Willy-John

Turn ladies!

Me and girlfriend Alicia

Andrea, I will miss you so, so much! I’m so fortunate to have known such a sweet and sexy salsera like you. Please do keep in touch wherever you are and take good care of yourself, chica!


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