Brief stop in Wellington (6th - 9th September 2007)

It was great to catch up with my friends during my brief trip back. Met up with quite a few for a meal or coffee together - missed you all when I was away!

My former colleagues at SIM threw a morning tea for me on Friday - so sweet of them! Unfortunately time was short and there were lots of things I needed to sort out before I take off again on Monday so I couldn't stay too long. Would have loved to chat with everyone at SIM - we'll have to catch up when I get back from the States :)

I'm becoming a regular at Base Backpackers on Cambridge Terrace now! Met several travellers from the US, Chile and Argentina during my stay at the backpackers. The Americans and I went out for a drink together at Basement (the backpacker's bar) before I headed off to Latinos Tapas Bar for some salsa dancing. By the way, Latinos Tapas Bar (commonly known as just Latinos) is the place where my salsa friends and I go to on Friday and Saturday nights to dance. And yes, we are such regular faces that the owners and bartenders know us :) It was nice to dance a bit over the weekend as I haven't danced very much during my travels and I'm having itchy feet!

Speaking of the Americans, one of the girls had just gotten a tattoo on the top part of her foot (the flat skin area between the toes and ankle) - I thought it was a very unique design of a koru (Maori name given to the newborn, unfurling fern frond and symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace) inside an apple (the apple signifies her role as a teacher). Hmm, I don't know if I would get a tattoo myself. Temporary tattoos are more my thing...I don't really like something to be permanently on my body. What if I wake up one day and decide I don't like it anymore? It'll be such a pain to have it removed.

Went to Southern Cross on Sunday to watch the dance heats of the Dine and Dance Off! event - several friends of mine in the salsa scene were competing, including Ramnish and Andrea. Oh, I wished I was around to take part in the comps too - looked like heaps of fun! It wasn't just salsa but had Ceroc and Rock 'n' Roll couples too. Photos taken that night:

You know, it felt somewhat strange to be back in Wellington - familiar yet I felt like a tourist in this town that I've lived for over 6 years. Memories of my time in Wellington came to mind when I walk the streets in the city over the 4 days I was back. Left me with very mixed emotions - part of me wanted to stay, part of me wanted to run away. Hmm...


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