At Sydney airport (4th July 2007)

Yawn...sleepy and tired is exactly what I feel at the moment. Note to self - book a night flight next time. I practically didn't sleep last night!! Got up at 3am to check out from Base Backpackers and got to Sydney 4.5 hours later. Just crossed my first time zone (it's 9.11am in Sydney - dejavu that I'm going back in time!). Read in the in-flight entertainment guide that it takes a day for one to recover per time zone crossed. I'll be crossing 2 today - does that mean I've to stay home and rest up for the next 2 days? No way!!

Thank god for the creation of wireless internet! At least something to keep me occupied for the next 3 hours till I board the next flight to Perth. Chatting away with Ramnish and Sharon at the moment while typing up this blog post. Is that the sound of my tummy? Perhaps I should grab a bite (and yet another coffee to wake up)...

It's a strange feeling listening to Aussie-speak - sounds rather peculiar to me...

There's this young chap who's sitting a couple of seats away from where I am (I'm in the waiting lounge of the domestic terminal, by the way) asleep and drooling (eww!). Hey you, better close your mouth or a fly might just accidentally zip in! In front of me sits a group of Australian aboriginal women speaking in some indigenous language I couldn't associate with. I could only describe to you that they look between a cross of Indian and African - very dark-skinned.

Oh, and did I mention that it's 19 degrees here? It's warm and sunny - mmm, enjoying the weather already :) Now that's one thing I don't miss about Wellington. Perth's apparently raining though.

Alright, going to find something to eat to stop my tummy grumbling. Later!


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