Arrival in Perth (4th July 2007)

The journey to Perth was long. 5 hours on a plane that didn't have a screen in front of your seat for movies made the time passed by even more slowly (thankfully I had my ipod with me). Worse, I had an older Kiwi woman sitting next to me who started to drink a bit too much and got loud and rowdy with the neighbouring passengers!

Got to the airport and there was no one to meet me. Apparently, mum thought I was arriving via international flight from NZ where she and her friends were at (mum, I already told you I was stopping over in Sydney!). After several phone calls to mum and 2 tries paging Sandra (her friend who was picking me up) through the Qantas terminal PA system (and getting no response), I saw this lady walked in from the main entrance who looked very much like Sandra (remembered seeing her in a photo mum showed me previously) - yes, finally!

I caught up with mum and the rest of her gang at Sylvia's house where the guests were all putting up during our stay here. Here's a photo of Jan (KL), mum, Angie (Perth), Jenny (Singapore) and Sandra (Canberra):

Also met the others from Perth - Cynthia, Lily, Mary and another Jenny. Some other photos taken while we helped set up the table (top: Mum, Mary and Sylvia; bottom: Cynthia in photo):

Sylvia whipped up a wonderful feast of chillied crab, stuffed chicken, vege curry etc. – yum! Haven’t had home-cooked meal for so long!!! There was also dessert - Sylvia's tiramisu, Jenny's triffle and a cake brought by Angie. Don't think we have to eat for the next few days. We ate too much!

Sylvia was really nice to give me a room to myself knowing well that the girls will chat and laugh till late. The ladies were a good laugh, behaving like teenage girls, chatting non-stop, giggling and laughing together about their days in Batu Pahat Convent Girls' Highschool. I really envy them and hope when I get to their age, my girlfriends and I too will have a gathering like theirs. It's amazing to see their special bond despite not seeing each other for many years and living in different parts of the world. Reminds me a lot of the gang of girlfriends from my days in Convent...


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