It's official - I'm leaving NZ!!!

Yep, it's official - I've tendered my resignation Monday afternoon and my manager has resigned to the fact that nothing is going to change my mind. I even had the school HR manager come chat with me about this! My last day at work will be the 29th of June and I'm hoping that I'll be able to sort out my stuff so I could leave NZ the same day my housing contract ends (1st July).

You know, I've never resigned from a job before; this was a first for me. Part of me felt that I must be nuts to leave (nice job, great colleagues and stable work environment). It's just not in my nature to 'leave' something or someone unless I've no choice or they 'leave' me first. Right now, there is nothing tying me back in NZ - no house, no job, no need to stay for my PR, nada. My friends in Kiwi-land, please don't get me wrong - I'll sure miss you all dearly but it's not good enough a reason to stay. I'm sure you understand what I mean. Promise I'll come visit whenever I come to NZ :) I've lived in NZ for nearly 6 years; it's time for a change. Perhaps if I was earning enough for me to get a place of my own, I'll reconsider taking off (living costs in Wellington ain't cheap and the housing rates are over the top at the moment). It would be nice to have a permanent home in a country that I could return to, which I currently do not have - makes me feel somewhat lost and have little sense of belonging anywhere. On the other hand, not having a permanent home also means I could be ANYWHERE in the world! the moment, I'm very tempted to take the next few years globe-trotting...where will I go first....?

Those of you in Wellywood, please get in touch so we could meet up for a drink or cup of coffee (kisses and hugs too...sob, sob...) before I go. And those located elsewhere, be wary. I may just come with my backpack knocking on your door in July :) Just kidding - I will inform you beforehand if I'm coming to visit.


  1. Hey Angel,
    I can't believe that you are really leaving NZ!?!
    Nice blog...enjoy reading them. Do update more about you and your whereabouts, just in case we lose contacts.. (Don't know where you will be after leaving NZ)

    (Using Benji's account! Hehe)

  2. Finally you are leaving NZ...Hahahaha. Hope you will be fine with the new place and no worry sure I will spare the place for you here. You will always be welcome and hope I will be welcome too when I visit you knocking in front of you door Hahahaha....let me know once you have settled. Cheers! And all the best in the new place....muacks muacks

  3. Hey hey, finally you are leaving NZ hahahaha....I will be eagerly waiting for your settlement and knocking in front of your door asking for a place to stay hahahahaha....Do updates where you will be and you will always be welcome to singapore hahahaha. It will be nice to see you again in Singapore....Keep in touch girl!


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