My first posting!!! (24th April 2007)

I think it's probably my sheer laziness that's why I never started a blog in the first place; I get put off having to fill in the boxes about myself (I don't know what to say about myself!). Then again, I seem to be reiterating my life stories to everyone via email so putting up a blog would just save me repeating myself :)

For those of you who have no idea of my whereabouts, I'm currently in Wellington (New Zealand) but won't be at this location for long. I'll be leaving NZ in July this year and intend to take some time off to do a bit of travelling before starting my life in Melbourne. My first stop will be to fly to Perth to see mum and my aunt for about 2 weeks, then fly with mum to Singapore after. And then I'll do my little tour in Singapore (I've never done that despite I was living just 3 hours drive away - Singapore has always only been a port for me to fly to and fro from NZ), stay in Malaysia for a bit and depending on my financial status at that time, probably hop around a few South East Asian countries (hmm, though I also want to go to Europe, South America, Middle East.....) so the best way to contact me is via email at But hey, nothing's concrete yet except that I'm leaving NZ - my plans keep changing with changes in my life. Will keep everyone posted on my whereabouts in my blog. Hmm, perhaps I should post up some stuff about what I've been doing in NZ the last 6 years as well...(do you realise I have this monologue thing going on i.e. I actually talk out loud when I'm thinking/talking to myself? hehe...).

Save my blog link and come back to find out more about my happenings!


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